Why We Blog

In the six and a half years since I joined the LibreDigital team, it seems like we have transformed as much as the industry we serve. We have gone all the way from being a VC-backed tech company to being a part of a multi-billion dollar company that is so well known in the publishing industry, I think it might be impossible to run across someone who has not encountered RR Donnelley at one point or another.

We’ve also operated across many verticals in the publishing industry, starting with newspapers, growing into books, and then expanding into magazines. We have developed platforms, decommissioned platforms, and built new capabilities from scratch.

All because our industry is as dynamic as we are.

For more than fifteen years, we have been on the front lines of a publishing industry that is hungry for collaboration, sharing, and thought leadership. We want to contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way.

You will see topics here covering both the technical and business aspects of digital publishing. Things like metadata, EPUB, ONIX, digital newsstands, print on demand, distribution, fulfillment.  We’ll be talking about things as deep as how to manage ebook price changes at scale, to discussing the current state of direct to consumer strategies, to reviewing the latest in standards development. We may even have an open debate about the usage of the Oxford comma!

Please feel free to reach out with comments and thoughts as we publish going forward. We are also open to requests for topics to cover or subjects to explore – contact us.